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Farmers' Markets and Events

Upcoming farmers' markets and food related events near your location.

  • Hawke's Bay Wine Celebration

    Wednesday 22nd August, 2018. 6pm – 9pm.

    The ever-popular Hawke’s Bay Wine Celebration is coming back to the City of Sails so get ready to savour a night at... read more

  • Craft Harvest Market

    Saturday 25th August, 2018. 8am – 11:45am.

    Fresh ideas from clever crafters at Craft Harvest.... read more

  • Parnell Farmers' Market

    Saturday 25th August, 2018. 8am – 12pm.

    Come shopping at Parnell Farmers' Market this weekend! Bump into friends, have a coffee and stock up on the freshest... read more

  • Truffle Shuffle

    Saturday 25th August, 2018. 1:30pm – 4:30pm.

    Celebrate the black diamonds of the produce world with a Truffle Shuffle Lunch with Sean Connolly! ... read more

  • Whisky Tasting Dinner

    Wednesday 5th September, 2018. 6pm – 10pm.

    Whisky Tasting Dinner – Things only get better with age.... read more

  • Community Jumble Sale

    Saturday 8th September, 2018. 8am – 11:45am.

    Recycle and sell your pre-loved belongings!... read more

  • Art of Wine 2018

    Monday 10th September, 2018. 12pm – 4pm.

    We bring together the visionary winemakers of tomorrow from 35 cutting-edge artisanal producers with more than 100 wines... read more

  • Papakura Pipe Band's Whisky Tasting

    Friday 21st September, 2018. 6pm – 8:30pm.

    Showcasing whisky from 6 of Scotland's finest distilleries, come join us for an evening of fun and whisky history, with... read more

  • Melbourne Cup Day 2018 Long Lunch

    Tuesday 6th November, 2018. 1pm – 5:30pm.

    Soak up the Auckland Harbour views when you join us on our Rooftop Terrace this Melbourne Cup Day 2018.... read more

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Why Seasonal Food?

Sure, most produce is available all year round, but out of season it’s expensive and never at its best. All those hours on a plane take their toll on imported produce, and even those that are grown and ripened in a greenhouse are never quite as how nature intended.

We reckon that the way to really enjoy healthy fruit and vegetables, and save yourself some cash, is to get them while they’re plentiful and bursting with flavour.

You’ll never get that out of season, and choosing what’s fresh is the way to turn plain old fruit and vegetables into a seasonal treat, to be looked forward to every year and savoured.

What’s Fresh is your guide to eating produce in season. Here you can find out what’s in season, what’s not, and just what the heck to do with those fruits and veges when you’ve bought them.

To get the freshest and tastiest fruit and vegetables, you need to look for what’s fresh.


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