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We all know that eating fresh fruit and vegetables is the way to go, but with produce available all year round thanks to imports and cold stores, we wanted to know that what we were buying was actually fresh.

That’s how What’s Fresh came about. It’s all well and good to buy fresh produce, but some choices had to be better than others. Had our produce just been picked, or had it just come out of several months in cold store?

We looked for a website that could tell us, but all we could find were northern hemisphere-based ones. Sure, we could have flipped the seasons around. But it wouldn’t have been a true picture of what we’d find in this country. So instead, we made a website ourselves, for all New Zealanders who appreciate their fresh fruit and veges.

That’s why What’s Fresh is here. Not only does it allow you to see at a glance what produce is in season in New Zealand, you can also find out where to buy it. Supermarkets aren’t the only place to find your produce – farmer’s markets are a great option too because they allow you to directly support your local growers, and often you can get produce that’s not available anywhere else.

Eating healthy can be more fun and tasty than people often think. All you have to do is look for what’s fresh.

Who are we?

Matt Gifford and Lucy Smith are a couple from Hamilton who have had too many disappointing apples.

Matt’s a web developer who’s into triathlon and photography. Lucy’s a copywriter who loves dogs and vintage clothes. And, like most people, we both like eating.

It was tough finding useful information on seasonal produce. And it didn’t seem right that it was so hard for us in the southern hemisphere to find out what was in season without having to comb through websites and books. When we travelled in Europe, we saw that a lot of their produce was strictly seasonal, and it was fabulous, not pale and watery. Not only that, Matt has a number of food allergies, so we wanted to make sure that we were getting the best of what he could eat.

So here we are, and here you are. We hope you’ll find What’s Fresh useful for finding out what fruit and vegetables are in season, whether you’re planning your shopping list or are already at the supermarket puzzling over the produce section.

Because there isn’t much in life that’s more disappointing than a dry, floury apple.

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